Can Your Event Live Up to the Hype?

Exceed expectations by working with an event planner

Whether you're planning a small shindig or a huge corporate celebration, you can trust Huber Associates to take care of all the details. From the invitations all the way to the table design, we'll make sure your event looks fantastic.

Do you need some entertainment? What about meals? Tell us your ideas and leave the rest to our team of skilled party planners.

3 things to tell us about your party

3 things to tell us about your party

If you want a perfect party, you'll need to decide on a few important things. When you call Huber Associates at 616-375-1422, we'll ask you:

  1. What size celebration do you want? Is this going to be a cozy get together with a few family friends, or a large corporate event with a couple hundred attendees?
  2. When will you hold it? Do you have a date that's set in stone, or just a general time of year you'd prefer?
  3. What's your party budget? How much do you have to spend on decorations, lighting, entertainment, decorations and invitations?

The type of party you host will also influence the theme, colors and style we use. A holiday party will have a very different atmosphere than a business award ceremony, so be sure to tell us that, too!